The Continuum List: A Virtual Forum

A Continuum Concept mailing list (email-based support group) is maintained by members of the Liedloff Continuum Network. Readers of The Continuum Concept use this medium to discuss a wide range of topics related to Jean Liedloff's book. Subscribing to the Continuum List is a great way to learn how others are applying the continuum principles in their daily lives, and to support others by sharing your own experience.

If you have never subscribed to an Internet mailing list, it may help you to think of the list as if it were several people sitting in a circle, one person talking to another, and everyone else listening in on the discussion. Actually, it is normal for multiple discussions to take place simultaneously, each one covering a different topic. When you want to express your viewpoint on a particular topic (or ask others to share their viewpoints), you send an email message to the Continuum List address, with the topic indicated in the "Subject" of your message. Your message will then be sent automatically to everyone who subscribes to the list. The best way to learn how the mailing list works is to subscribe to it and "listen in" on the discussions for a few days (also known as "lurking"). Also, be sure to read and save the User's Guide which will be emailed to you after you subscribe. If you do not agree to the terms of the User's Guide, you should sign off the list (unsubscribe).

Detailed Information -- The following informational text files are available:

Acknowledgements -- We are grateful for the donated time and resources which make the Continuum list possible: the list is hosted at, using technology donated by L-Soft, and is currently maintained by Barbara Handley ("listowner").

How To Subscribe To The Continuum List

  1. Create an email with the following text in the body of the message:


    Substitute Your Name with your first and last name (or initial) in that order. Two people who use the same email address must share their subscription. In that case, substitute Your Name with both names, e.g., "Jane and John Smith" or "C.C. Reed and Carrie N. Arms". Your subscription name is used as a reference by the Listserv software, but will not be added to the messages you post to the list, so be sure to sign your name within your posts. Your subscription address is automatically detected from your email, so you do not need to enter it. You will only be allowed to post messages from that email address. (The User's Guide includes instructions on how to post messages from multiple locations.)

  2. Send it to:

    Note that this is NOT the address to use to post messages to the list; posting instructions will be sent to you after you subscribe.

    The "Subject" field may be left blank or you may type anything you like; the list server (computer) ignores the Subject field in this case.

Within a few minutes (or later if the list server is busy) the list server will send you a confirmation message and the User's Guide which describes the Continuum List, its use and its features in greater detail. Please read the User's Guide carefully, and save or print it for future reference.


. read the book . grasp the concept . meet the author . read some more . enter the forum .

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